And by invade, I mean attend. And when I say Nerd Bastards, I mean me, Sarah, your charming, witty, favorite Nerd Bastard’s writer, right? RIGHT!? Good, you must all keep fanning my ego.

I’ll be attendance this year as your very own Lois Lane, intrepid reporter. I’ve got lots of plans to bring you the best in New York Comic Con coverage (assuming our reception inside the Jacob Javitts Center isn’t complete shit). You can look forward to tweeted images of cosplay and exclusives live from the con floor. Just make sure you’re following us, @NerdBastards, and keep an eye out for the hashtag, #NBatNYCC.

Also, I hear there are some pretty kick-ass panels featuring kick-ass stuff you’ll want to know about. Instantly! Well, I’m planning to do my best to bring you breaking news from such panels as The Walking Dead, Batman: Arkham City, oh, and one about some little film you might have heard of, The Avengers.

I’m not making any promises, because I don’t want you guys ripping my head of because, “Like, OMG! The Avengers panel ended like, 5 minutes, ago and I haven’t heard anything from you! GRR!! ARH!! INTERNET RAGE!” Hey, at least I guarantee lots of cosplay, maybe even a few scantily clad, nerdy ladies. Eh,eh? Can’t complain about that, now can we.

And if you’ll also be at NYCC, try and find me. I know we’ll be swimming in an ocean of geeks, but I’ll try and tweet out approximately what I’m wearing. If you find me, come say hi, I might have some Nerd Bastards goodies to share.



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