Moves Like Jabba – Stop Picking on that Poor Hutt

B-Siders over at just can’t leave a poor Hutt alone. Isn’t it enough that some Jedi wanna-be and his friends came and trashed Jabba’s place, killed his favorite Rancor house pet, ruined his pleasure barge, and choked him with his promise chain?

No one ever looks at it from Jabba’s point of view. Solo owed him money, if the story was on today’s television the repossession of the Millenium Falcon would have been filmed on the reality “Galactic Repo” show. Instead, poor “Jabba the Business Creature” is the bad guy. Let’s make fun of him and his disabilities.

Your all a bunch of Hutt bullies, Internet Hutt bullies!



Shame on you all!

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