Starship Troopers To Be Animated, Again.

Back in 1959 Robert A. Heinlein published what many call the archetypal military science fiction story, Starship Troopers. It has long been the go-to text book for lovers of social/political/military science fiction, not to mention gave us power armored soldiers that stomp bugs, James Cameron made it required reading on the set of Aliens, the cover of the novel alone inspired artists to make mecha anime in Japan. 1997 Paul Verhoeven tried his best to ruin that legacy with his big screen adaption of the book that took certain liberties with the source (as in, more or less changed everything). Slowly chipping away at Heinlein’s fine work to be come a ‘so bad its good’ nerds guilty pleasure. Toss in a CGI tv show (Roughnecks was so so good) some direct to video sequels, both video and table top games that never really happened and you’d think they’d finally give up on ruining a good book.

Think again.

Sony pictures has launched a promo site for Starship Troopers: Invasion, an anime sequel to the Verhoevan movie. Shinji Aramaki (Megazone 23, Robotech component Mospeada, Transformers precursor Micro Change) will direct. Flint Dille (Tranformers, An American Tail: Fievel Goes West, The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay) and star of the 1997 film and former Tarzan (thats basically all he has on his resume folks) Casper Van Diem will produce, which should make Casper’s landlord happy since he probably hasn’t been able to pay the rent since Walmart stopped stocking Starship Troopers 3: Marauder in the discount movie bins.

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A distant Federation outpost Fort Casey comes under attack by bugs. The team on the fast attack ship Alesia is assigned to help the Starship John A. Warden stationed in Fort Casey evacuate along with the survivors and bring military intelligence safely back to Earth. Carl Jenkins, now ministry of Paranormal Warfare, takes the starship on a clandestine mission before its rendezvous with the Alesia and goes missing in the nebula. Now, the battle-hardened troopers are charged with a rescue mission that may lead to a much more sinister consequence than they ever could have imagined….

It doesn’t sound bad, but it doesn’t sound good either. Granted, this is anime, and anime means mecha so maybe, finally the troopers won’t be walking everywhere. Seriously, in Verhoeven’s movie, why couldn’t they at least have a jeep? maybe a tank would help kill 20 tonne cockroaches.

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