For awhile now the mysterious “Unit:E” brand has loomed over our heads. What is Hasbro doing? What could this be? Should someone my age still be obsessed over toys?

The Answer to the last one, is yes. For the first two questions we have the poster that sorta explains what Unit:E is and gives you full reason to be very excited for it, after the jump.

Seen at New York Comic-Con 2011.

Hot damn that is a lot of my childhood, M.A.S.K., Micronauts, Actionman, Stretch Armstrong… Jem! (uh… not that I played with Jem dolls as a child, you know, ’cause that would be just weird…)

Now, this poster sums up ALL the information currently known about the “Unit:E” brand, but its clear that Hasbro is reviving some long lost 80’s toy lines. This could be very awesome, or very very bad. The superhero looking Stretch Armstrong has me a little worried, so does the porn star looking Candy Land. Hasbro, if you are really bringing back M.A.S.K. and the Micronauts don’t screw this up. Please. The forth coming Battleship movie has already made that fond childhood memory a waking nightmare, please don’t add to the damage.

What do you think, NerdBastard Nation, is this a good thing? Are you ready to see updates to some classic toy’s from the 80’s? Let us know.


The New York Comic-Con officially in full swing (don’t forget, NerdBastardette Sarah is there. Follower her coverage on twitter!)

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