Wow, guys, wow. Let’s talk about a crazy, busy, incredible con. As far as I’m aware, New York Comic Con is completely sold out. And you can tell, because it felt even more crowded than last year, but for being so crowded I can’t say I missed out on anything I wanted to do. All I did was hang out in the IGN Theater, which is comparable to San Diego Comic Con’s Hall H. The IGN Theater is where all the awesome shit goes down so of course I sat there all day to report on it for, because I’m just that nice.

Unfortunately, the IGN Theater is also a black hole. A signal sucking, 3G guzzling whore stealing my opportunity to share the awesome shit with you immediately. I’m sorry. If you’d like to hear and or see cool stuff from the con the minute it happens you are welcome to purchase me an outrageously expensive Wi-Fi pass.

What I can offer you is my audio recordings of all three panels I went to, Batman: Arkham City, DC Universe Animated Original Movies and The Venture Bros. They’ll be linked throughout this post. I offer these in exchange for not getting any kind of reporting out of the black pit of the Javitts Center in a timely manner.

First up was the Batman: Arkham City panel at which they premiered the full release trailer,

Beautiful. Chilling. A masterpiece of a game trailer if I ever saw one. I had the chance to play a little of Arkham City on preview night and everything you’ve heard is true. They took the unbelievable, most critically acclaimed super hero game ever and made it better. The world is open, about five times larger than Asylum. Batman has about double the amount of take down moves allowing you to pwn somewhere between 20-30 guys without much hassle. I remember hearing about the altered detective mode, but I can’t say it seemed all that different to me. I wasn’t in detective mode all the time during the demo, so maybe that speaks to the changes, you just won’t need to use it all the time.

At the panel was Sefton Hill and Nick Arundel from Rocksteady, Claudio Sanchez who created the original song for the game and of course, the Batman, Kevin Conroy. Hearing him talk, hearing him say, “I AM BATMAN!”, it made me quiver. Is there anybody you associate more with Batman? Probably not, he’s been playing the role for 20 years!

An audience member at one point asked why do they keep coming back to Conroy to voice the role, is it something he pursued? He said, not really, but rather it’s been this incredible fan reaction to his performance that keeps landing him the job. “You understand Batman better than I do, ” Conroy said at one point. Well, if that’s all it takes, us absolutely loving what Conroy brings to Batman,  I hope he never stops. Y’know, until he’s dead or something, but that’s a horribly sad thought I don’t want to dwell on.

Here’s the link to the audio for the Batman: Arkham City panel. Be careful though not to blow out your speakers, the panelists talk low but then the fans scream really, really loud!

Who’s getting this game when releases on October 18th? I”ll be playing non-stop in order to finish quickly. The sooner I finish the sooner I can tell you all how amazing it is.

After Arkham City there was a short break where I attempted to upload that video above. Realizing it wouldn’t happen in the black hole of the Javitts I ended up back in line for the DC Universe Animated Original Movies panel. On this panel was Bruce Timm and Andrea Romano, and if you don’t know who they are, well, Batman: The Animated Series, Justice League and every other amazing DC animated work would never have happened if it wasn’t for these two. And they were also joined by Kevin Conroy. Seriously, I think the guy spent as much time in the IGN Theater as I did.

Here’s the full audio from from the DC Animated panel, including all the audio of the Catwoman short which they premiered at the panel. Oh! And a special lady stopped by to introduce the short. I think you’ll recognize her once you hear her sultry tones.

All right, so after watching the short, I have to say I was happier with it than I originally thought. Everything I read was, “Catwoman strips. She hides out in a strip club. STRIP!!” That’s all that was ever mentioned in marketing, but the actually stripping is minor. Catwoman spends most of her time involved in wild, high speed chases and ripping dudes up with her claws. She’s a super badass! Personally, I think she’s way hotter when she’s roughing guys up than when she’s unzipping her suit. Then again, I’m not a dude, so yeah.

Oh yes, and the special lady introducing the short was Eliza Dushku, whom I’m really glad they cast as Catwoman. She’s purr-fect. Yes, I went there. I’m crazy exhausted, to me that joke is a riot.

Once I was in the IGN Theater there really wasn’t much reason to leave. Especially because The Venture Bros. panel was next! In usual, hilarious fashion Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick showed up without much prepared but they still manage an outrageously funny panel. At one point, Doc goes through a list of words and phrases he never wants to hear again. I know random, but really funny shit. You can give a listen to the audio of their panel here, same warnings apply, panelists are quiet, fans are crazy loud.

Okay guys, so day one was a bit of a train wreck because I figured I could post as I go, tweet out cool stuff, but clearly that won’t be an option. What can I say, this con is a learning experience. For Day 2 look forward to, hopefully,  more constructed and clear reports that’ll hopefully be coming your way in a more timely manner.

Now to pass the fuck out due to sheer exhaustion and nerdy glee.

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