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The Star Wars Pets saga continues, now with turtle Jedis getting in on the lightsaber dueling action in place of kittens.

Via Gamma Squad

There have been plenty of Star Wars themed pumpkins done before. I can’t begin to tell you how many death Star Pumpkins I’ve given an unimpressed “seen it before” sneer to. Suffice to say, I hardly see anything original anymore, but this Yoda pumpkin is somethin’ I’ll tell you what.

Source: Neatorama

Here’s youtube sensation Freddie Wong with another awesome SFX’s video. This time he addresses the real world implications of handling motion controls inverted style. And I thought this was going to be a racist joke about Asians not being able to drive…

Inverted FTW!

via Youtube



From the end of the Cup Of Joe New York Comic Con panel yesterday, the news that Jeff Lindsay, creator of the Dexter novels that were also turned into an ongoing TV series, will be writing all new Dexter stories, in the continuity of the books, next year.

Uh.. a comic in continuity of the books? How the hell is that gonna work? How do you escape the iconography of the TV series? Tsk, if this were set in the TV version’s universe, I might consider getting it.

Source: BleedingCool

I’ve seen plenty of Ghostbusters Cosplay over the years, but a Hello Kitty proton pack would be a fitting weapon of choice when Gozer the Gozerian asks me to choose the form of my destructor and Hello Kitty just pops right in there. Just don’t cross the streams, total kittah reversal.

Source: Comics Alliance


If you were at New York Comic Con this past weekend then chances are you ran into one of the Nerd archetypes above. Dammit, why must nerds be so easily classed.

via reddit

“Engineers at Raytheon-Sarcos in Salt Lake City demonstrated a unique set of tele-operated robotic arms attached to a modified Ditch Witch. With no training at all, one immediately meshes with the feelings and actions of the machine. It mirrored everything one does with their arms, wrists and shoulders.”

“Get away from her you BITCH!” OK, with the obligatory Aliens quote out of the way I think we can move along and hail our robot overlords.

Source: Geekologie

This hotel is called The Magic Mountain Lodge. The lodge sits in the private Huilo-Huilo Biological Reserve in northern Chile’s Patagonia. The hotel has a waterfall that comes from the top and runs all the way down. And… it looks like it was built by Hobbits. When you check in, you’ll neither be late or early, you’ll arrive precisely when you mean too.

Source: GeekTyrant

And here’s Dorkly with another hilarious video game observation. Mistaken hero identities. It’s funny because we all know someone who thinks Zelda is the name of “the green-guy-like-elf”

“You! Floating jelly brain… tell everyone that Metroid is coming!” Yeah, it was favorite!

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