The Dark Knight Rises has been filming all over the world: Jodhpur, India, London, England, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Los Angeles, California. Next stop? Wall Street. At least, according to this LA Times article. During the film’s next stop in New York City beginning Oct 29th, Christopher Nolan might be planning some filming around and of the protesters. The LA Times article reports, “cast members have been told the shoot could include scenes shot at the Occupy Wall Street protests.”

Hmm, could Bruce Wayne be weighing in on Wall Street’s corruption? Does Batman come to the rescue of mistreated protesters? Yeah, doubtful. I wouldn’t expect Nolan’s final film in the acclaimed Batman trilogy to tackle these issues head on, but the casting call quoted in the article describes Gotham as, “a city besieged by crime and corruption.” Footage of the Occupy Wall Street protest would fit perfectly in such an atmosphere. Maybe while in New York they could take advantage of what are basically free extras and film the protest for background footage. I mean, hiring extras to stage a protest costs money and in this failing economy an expensive super hero film has to cut corners where it can.

I’m not suggesting you go to New York and join the protest hoping for a bit part in The Dark Knight Rises, besides I don’t think that fits with Occupy Wall Street’s message, but how cool would it be to tell the story of that time you defied corrupted businesses and appeared in a Batman movie?

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