Milla Jovovich (HAWT fake nerd actress) is currently in the middle of filming Resident Evil: Retribution alongside husband/director Paul W. S. Anderson.

Being the loving wife that she is, Milla has found a great way in generating buzz in RE5, by uploading exclusive behind-the-scenes shots between filming to twitter (@MillaJovovich). Her most recent post went as such:

 Milla linked a shot of actress Li Bingbing in the makeup department getting prepped as a certain “bitch in a red dress”.

Li is going to be Resident Evil alum Ada Wong and she matches Ada perfectly, even if it’s only because of the hair right now. Milla went on to tweet: “Lol! And that’s all I’m gonna give you or I’m in deep sh*t!!!” Come on Milla, one more won’t kill you because… nobody cares! The last two movies stunk. Real bad. I don’t believe that anyone would actually pay money to see another.

Via: Blastr

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