Transformers: Dark of the Moon made $1.9 billion dollars, which lead to it being the fourth highest-grossing movie of all time. The numbers speak for themselves… people love the Transformers franchise. *sigh*

If you haven’t heard, there has been big Transformers talk this week, with rumors circulating over director Michael Bay possibly directing yet another film for the Autobots. While his return is in question,  two more movies are indeed planned. The intention is to shoot them back-to-back, for money making efficiency.

Maybe three movies is enough for Shia Labeouf, or maybe it was the massive ass kicking he received the other night, but it can be confirmed that the he won’t be returning.

That’s where Transporter and Expendables star Jason Statham comes in, giving the franchise the much needed action star it actually deserves. Too bad Statham is denying everything about it, decepticon in disguise perhaps?

Jason recently spoke with MTV about these rumors, he’s what he had to say:

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Everybody loves Jason Stahtam, he’s the only man that could take on Chuck Norris and probably live, he’s perfect!

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