If you’re versed in the realm of literature (that stuff printed on paper before Apple made iPads), then you know Indian-British novelist Salman Rushdie.  His writings are classified as “magical realism”.  He like…naturalizes science fiction, or something. Eh, I dunno. I never read his shit. All I know is that his views on politics and religion garnered him many death threats and assassination attempts. You’d never suspect this guys watches the boob tube.

In his recent viewing of mainstream television, Rushdie happened come across a little Emmy-winning drama called Game of Thrones. And what did Salman think of the series George R.R. Martin adaptation. In an interview with Haaretz.com the author said:

“There was a series called Game of Thrones which was very popular here in the United States, a post-Tolkien kind of thing. It was garbage, yet very addictive garbage—because there’s lots of violence, all the women take their clothes off all the time, and it’s kind of fun. In the end, it’s well-produced trash, but there’s room for that, too.”

Garbage? Trash? Uh, someone has something to say to you sir…


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