Attack Of The New Comics Wednesday: 10-19-2011

Here is the deal. I was a lapsed comic book reader, as I am sure many of you still are. Sure I picked up the odd trade here and there, I would go into my local comic stores, pick up an issue or two. Kept myself up on what was going on. Couple years back, the addiction slowly retook itself. I now find myself back to waiting for each and every Wednesday to hop on down to the den of nerdery and dole out my misbegotten gains (cash money that is) on a stack of comics that a proceed to devour over the course of an afternoon and into the evening. Sure I have the ones I buy from month to month, but I am always on the look out for something new to add to the stack.

Welcome to “Attack of the New Comics Wednesday” – A brand spanky new feature here on, each Wednesday I’ll grab a few of this weeks books and share them with you, together we might find something wonderful an magical (… what the crap did I just type.) They are comics people, I enjoy them, you enjoy them, let’s enjoy them together (… that wasn’t much better).

So, to start us all off, this week I’ve grabbed a “New 52” number 2. Two odd ball comics that are fun little reads, and a big name number one that is a steaming pile of number 2.

Of course, there will be spoilers, so hit the jump and lets jump in:


 Marvel Max: Story by DAVID LAPHAM Art & Color by KYLE BAKER
 Deadpool is one of those characters that when he’s written well, he’s amazing, when the writer isn’t quite hitting it… dear lord is it awful. Guess what we get here, kids?Picking up right after the end of chapter one, Deadpool Max 2 has the title character and his vastly underrated sidekick/partner Hydra Bob hot on the heals of Lady Taskmaster and Hydra. Hunting for the truth about what happened in Cincinnati. It’s a MAX title, so kids, ask your parents if its ok for you read a funny book with gore, boobs and swearing.So here’s the run down. Deadpool and Hyrda Bob’s search has them tear up a porn theatre, find Lady Taskmaster holding a church hostage. A small scale genocide happens. The Church blows up, then its time for some good old fashion Wonder Woman bondage in a motel.I really wanted my Marvel pick for the inaugural AotNCW to be good. That’s why I picked up this issue. I remembered the times DP and I had, his wacky forth wall breaking, the subtle and not so subtle humor, the action… What I got was 20 minutes of my life I’ll never get back.The plot is nonsensical, the attempts at humor are worse. The action was sloppy and virtually non-existent.I find it odd that I am about to type this words. Marvel, fix this. Deadpool deserves better than this, we readers deserve better than this.


 IDW Publishing: Story by Chris Roberson with art by Jeffrey Moy
 Welcome to this weeks odd duck. When it was firs announced, I was rather skeptical about a Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes crossover. Sure, they have some common ground, they are in the future… um, in space. Hey, they both get rebooted a lot! Will this be the reese peanut butter cup of comics? Or will it mix like a baby kitten and motor oil.Let’s see. Mirror/Mirror universe, time travel, transporter accident. Well, looks like someone has their “Star Trek episode in 3 easy steps” check list handy. Eisner-nominated writer Chris Roberson and Star Trek and Legionnaires veteran artist Jeffrey Moy know what they are doing and while it seems basic on the outside, this book is a great read on the inside.The characterizations are perfect, it clips along at a nice pace and keeps you going, and… come on. Its TOS Star Trek and the classic LoSH. This book is just the set up for the next 5 issues.We see that the evil Mirror/Mirror universe Star Trek (or at least a version of it) is hard at work conquering a universe populated with LoSH aliens. Both the crew of the Enterprise and the Legion find themselves transported to this universe (cross time/dimensional accidents being a weekly occurring for them both.) I wonder if they will team up to defeat the bad goat-tee people.I added this one this week on the of hand suggestion by the girl at the comic book store, and I am glad I did. I think the next 5 issues will be well worth it.


 DC Comics: Written by GEOFF JOHNS Art and cover by JIM LEE and SCOTT WILLIAMS
 So, how do you follow up the most hyped comic book in a decade or so? With a fairly good little read to be honest. Way back when Justice League #1 came out, which seems like a lifetime ago already. I have to admit, I was a little underwhelmed. In my reviews defense, I knew it was just a set up to #2.So, we were promised a classic smack down bang up tussle between Batman and Superman, their first in the DCnU. We get it, well… we get the tail end up it, and it looks like the Man of Steel is winning, and also kind of a dick about it. The book is 75 percent action (that is, 75% of the 75% devoted to the story, more on that in a bit). Jim Lee sure does make a fun looking book, its crisp, tight and dynamic. Geoff Johns even writes a script that isn’t to “Geoff-Johnsie”, its charming, funny in parts and clearly moving towards some familiar yet wildly new directions.Yes, there is still a lot of time spent reminding us that these characters are fresh and new and this is the start. Don’t get hung-up on that, and just enjoy what is a very good book.My one complaint is that we do get a little short changed.This is a book that doesn’t hold the line at $2.99. Its a buck more and there isn’t much more in it than a regular $2.99 issue. Just 22 pages, with some back up material. Couple of pages of sketch book images (does anyone ever really look at those past flipping through?) and a text debrief between Amanda Waller and Cptn. Steve (Mr. Wonder Woman) Trevor. The latter however does tease something rather Marvelous.

The short changing aside, out of all the books here and the others I have read this week so far, Justice League #2 is the top.



 Image Comics: Written by JOSHUA WILLIAMSON Art by SETH DAMOOSE with covers by DAN DUNCAN
 So, when I read the solicits for this book a week or so ago, I thought I made it up. I drink a lot sometimes so my memory is not to be trusted. A support group for alien abducties that are addicted to being abducted, interesting premise. Set up for page after page of probe jokes? Of course, but there is something more here too. Honestly, this book has no damn right being as good as it was.It runs you through its extresterial mythos (if you’re a paranormal geek like myself, you’ll see Williamson pulls heavy from what people actually believe.) Plus a whirlwind introduction to the cast of characters that was a masterstroke and in using a panel or two to give you an intimate understanding of who you are reading.The art? Never seen this Damoose dude’s work before, but as far as a loose cartoon style, it’s nice. I found myself really digging it by the end. The whole package plays out really fun.It’s quirky, dirty, weird and witty. It ends with an alien invasion. If that doesn’t work for you… well, then go back to reading Archie. Give Xenoholics a good look, Junior would want you to.

Well, not to bad a week at the comic stand if I do say so myself. To bad about Deadpool, but hey in the books defense, it was better than his portrayal in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Well, its still Wednesday and I still have a rather larger stack to read, but that’s the joy of comics, kids. There are always more.

If you’ve got any books you’re loving or hating to suggest, I’d be more than happy to give it an issue or two and share it here. Feel free to let me know it the comments below.

See you next Wednesday.


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