McDonald’s wants to brainwash you.  True story.

McDonald’s move is part of a broader digital-age strategy by corporate America to create its own platforms to speak directly to customers in an environment uncluttered by other media.

Basically, the idea is that all you McDonald’s-eating-fatasses will soon be trapped in a Mickey D’s bubble with nothing to watch but the McDonald’s Channel.  Their plan is to be the only media to which patrons are exposed during their time in one of these restaurants.  You will live, eat, and breathe McDonald’s for the time that you’re there.

Having worked at McDonald’s, myself, I can tell you right away that this sounds like goddamn misery.

The dining areas of participating restaurants will be fitted with two high-definition 42- to 46-inch screens that will be visible from 70% of eating areas. Audio will be heard from the screen or ceiling speakers… The programming will be shown in a one-hour cycle consisting of installments or “pods” lasting 20 to 22 minutes. Each component will have several segments that include “The McDonald’s Achievers,” which will profile local high school and college athletes; “Mighty Moms,” a focus on local moms juggling home life with careers in sports such as coaching or training; “McDonald’s Channel Music News” about musical acts, tours and new releases; and Burnett’s “Vimby,” which will cover fashion, art, music, night life, lifestyle and culture news.

As it stands, this effort will begin with 800 stores in Central and Southern California.  (Would I say SoCal and CeCal/MidCal?  Clearly, I’m not from there.)

Anyway… good luck.

Source: The Mary Sue

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