Great, I was looking for a reason to cough up the dough to see yet another Mission Impossible flick. To add insult to injury this exclusive six minute The Dark Knight Rises prologue will be attached to only the IMAX versions of Ghost Protocol. Will the six minute prologue alone be worth the hefty price of admission?

Warner Bros. doesn’t have any of their own films releasing in IMAX this holiday season so they reached how to Paramount’s Ghost Protocol, clearly looking for the coveted 18-34 demographic. This venture will most likely benefit both films, or rather, insanely boost Ghost Protocol‘s earning ’cause let’s be honest, The Dark Knight Rises preview is the reason you’ll be seeing the film.

The prologue will not only be the first chance to see real footage from The Dark Knight Rises, but also the first chance to see the footage in IMAX. Christopher Nolan has filmed much of his final Batman film in IMAX and I’m sure they’ll be pushing the format as the preferred way to see the film. You’ll get your chance to check it out December 16th, five days before the official release of Ghost Protocol because, wait for it, the IMAX release of Ghost Protocol is five days earlier. Strange, I’m getting this feeling they’re pushing us to see these movies in IMAX. Is it because it’s simply a better way to enjoy movies or could the increased ticket price be behind the decision, hmm?

Will this six minute prologue bring you out to the theatre early? Were you planning to check out Ghost Protocol anyway and this is just icing on the cake? Or will you just wait it out and wait for the footage to leak onto the net? Come on, we all know it will sooner than later.

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