How to Use Sex Toys to Defeat Zombies

I’m fairly certain the Zombie apocalypse is actually going to happen. Not because I’m some bat-shit crazy, apocalyptic enthusiastic (which I am), but because Zombie preparedness in pop culture has been at in all time high. The Center for Disease Control released a blog on their plan for a Zombie Apocalypse. Hornady Manufacturing is selling Certified Zombie Ammunition. And now… Britain’s own adult toy company, LoveHoney, made emergency instructional videos on how to defeat Zombies with sex toys. We’re DOOMED!

Lovehoney is determined to survive. They’ve shot four fun comic-book style how-to videos that illustrate four separate techniques to distract and defeat zombies with a variety of sex toys that incude bondage gear, blow-up dolls,  body part male masturbation toys, ball gags, electro-stim toys, lube and more. Check em’ out below:


Nothing screams “Zombie killer” louder then a giant, black butt destroyer. Cower in fear you undead bastards.

Via: Buzz Feed

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