Long gone are the days of criticizing video games for not being art or thinking of them as the retarded, ginger-haired step children of movies, television or books (Books? What are these strange bound paper things with text your speak of? Can I charge them like my Kindle?). Today’s game’s are revolutionary, providing incredible, immersive experiences into worlds we could only dream to visit. The Assassin’s Creed series is one of the best, allowing us to travel back in time through Desmond Miles as he learns of his ancestors’ involvement in the secret war between Assassin’s and Templar’s. So, why go muckin’ it up with a movie!?

Variety reports Sony is hoping to acquire the rights to make a movie adaption of the game. Dear God, why? I’ll hand it to them that Assassin’s Creed is one of the most cinematic games with a storyline beginning in modern times with Desmond, the weird, secret organization Abstergo Industries and their “time-traveling” machine which allows us to visit the past through Desmond’s bloodline. But it can also be extremely confusing with conspiracy theories, possible alien involvement and just a lot of weird shit a 20+ hour game has difficulty explaining. How can we expect a 2+ hour movie to make any sense of it?

I would suggest, were they to ask, picking one of the past-centric episodes. Either the assassin, Altair and his war in the Holy Land or his descendent Ezio Auditore and his crusade against the Templar’s in 1470 Italy. One or the other could be adapted to film, but leave out all the projecting into the past stuff. It would only be waaaay too confusing for audiences not familar with the series. Keep in plenty of kick-ass assassinations though, hell through in more if can. Sneaky-ly offing some dude in the middle of Venice then making a spectacular, parkour-esque escape is the best part!

What do you think, is an Assassin’s Creed movie a good idea or an epic failure in the making?

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