Crazy Taiwanese Avengers Trailer Time

If you’ve spent any time on the internet, you’ve probably run across videos that depict topical news stories with the magic of crappy Sims 2 CGI and nonsensical insanity.  This is the work of our planets finest news source, NMA Taiwan. You’ve seen their work here before with an inspired take on ‘The Dark Knight Rises.

Today, they give us a (maybe a little NSFW) trailer for ‘The Avengers’ – video after the jump, and if you are worried about spoilers, I think you might be safe.

So, the upcoming Avengers movie is about Loki stealing nude photos of Scarlett Johansson right under the noses of a roided up Captain America, coked up Iron Man and a horned up Thor. Gives them to President Barack Obama who proceeds to show them on giant TV’s in Times Square (see? the President does wield a frightening level of power). Empathy Hulk consoles Scar-jo, Nick Fury has a Transformers script he wants proofread and then the Avengers defend her honor boobs with Buffy and Josh Whedon (who’s cosplaying as UnderDog). Then meat is beaten.

Damn it, I hate it when the trailers show the best part of the movie.

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