Steven King‘s The Stand was adapted to a miniseries back in the ’90’s, with Gary Sinise and Molly Ringwald playing the leads. All I remember is the wheelchair guy from Forrest Gump acting like bad-ass (Sinise) and that the telling and overall scope of the series barely encompassed Kings novel. Now Warner Bros. wants to re-make it into a 2+ hour movie. I don’t think a single regular length cinematic adaptation could do the book justice. However, I suppose the story and character depth can be cherry picked and make for an adequate adaption. I’d prefer they leave well enough alone, but it’s happening anyway.

So.. onto the latest news. According to Deadline, Warner Bros. has handed the task of directing and adapting the novel to…Ben Affleck. Uh, what? I didn’t see that coming. Not at all. As Deadline notes, the actor, who has been doing wearing the director hat as of late, including his current directorial project, Argo, has proven his directorial skills, along with Gone Baby Gone and The Town. Deadline doesn’t state whether this is a done deal for Affleck to direct, or if Warner Bros has merely offered him the gig.

I like Affleck’s work as a director, but I think The Stand is not yet in his wheelhouse. If he takes the job he’ll Boston-ize the shit out of it. On the other hand, Casey Affleck would be amazing as Stu Redman.

I feel another TV series would be better. Like on HBO or something and have Darabont or some shit do it up.

So.. Ben Affleck directing a famous, classic Stephen King film. Are you, the reader, psyched on this? Or, does Affleck lack the imagination and comprehension of  King’s finest (arguably) work? Also, Do you like apples?

The Stand tells the story of an outbreak that destroys a good portion of the world’s population, leaving the survivors to split into two groups, one good, and the other evil. That’s a very abridged synopsis of the story.It’s one of those Crash like deals, where story is told through different people, all of whom are connected by what’s going on.

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