A long time labour of Star Wars love saw completion recently. Back in August of 2010 we first told you about Star Wars: A Light In The Darkness, creators Fed Wetherbee and PJ Tamayo even guested on Nerd Bastardcast episode 25. It ranked at a hottly debated Number 2 on our Top 10 Star Wars Fan Films list.  In Atom.com’s Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge 2011, the movie walked away with “Best Fan Fiction” and “Audience Choice.” That’s a s#!t tonne of talk for a movie that at the time it was only half done!

Good news everyone, they’ve finished it, its on the internet now and, it is fantastic.

George Lucas, you’ve been out classed on a fraction of the budget. Now go back to worrying about ewoks blinking or something.

The full 40 minutes (broken up into 3 parts) is up after the jump (you didn’t need to do anything productive this afternoon anyways…)

A Light in the Darkness is a Star Wars fan film made for the love of filmmaking and of course, Star Wars. It has been an exciting and challenging experience to make a high quality, low budget film. This project was possible thanks to the talents and time of our all volunteer cast and crew.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

 Show the filmmakers some love fan them on facebook and check out the movies official website www.alightinthedarknessfilm.com.

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