Let’s be honest, being Batman is hard. While you’re out on the town investigating, looking for clues you can get jumped by gangs of roving thugs, or worse, be distracted by saving some chick the newest super villain’s tied up some 100 feet in the air. Then you have to try and solve the Riddler’s stupid riddles while your head is pounding from the fire extinguisher some douche threw at you. Sometimes it’s nice to have a little help. Thank you, Batman: Arkham City Official Map App.

Available on all iOS devices the $2.99 app can not only help you find your way around Arkham City, but also, “Find every Riddler Trophy for Batman & Catwoman,” “Solve every Riddle,” and “Track your progress as you bag more than 350 collectibles.” I mean, only if you’d like a little assistance. You are the world’s greatest detective and solving such things on your own is breeze.

Check out some screen shots below.

Source: Comics Alliance

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