The collaboration between Robot Chicken and DC Comics was announced at this year’s New York Comic Con and this Monday, [adult swim] shared a clip of the upcoming parody special. The definitely NSFW clip stars Green Lantern and his arch nemesis, Sinestro. Check it out below.

Yup, cock power rings. Thank you, Robot Chicken. Don’t think I’ll ever look at a power ring the same again. Especially when you see how bulky they are, and then you think about…y’know, nevermind, I’ll just stop now.

The special will be called, RC/DC and I’d expect it to follow much of the same formula as the Robot Chicken Star Wars specials. The episode will also be partially written by Geoff Johns and MAD’s Kevin Shinick. Look for it to premiere summer of 2012.

Source: Geek Tyrant

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