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We always think we look so cool, don’t we? Until we’re defeated by out true nemesis, physical exertion. (Fashionable Geek)


One pumpkin to rule them all, one pumpkin to find them, one pumpkin to bring them all and in the darkness carve them. (Nerd Approved)


From the product page:

Every Doctoring Who down in Whoville
Toasts your survival and the revival of goodwill.

Even Oods and Judoons and Daleks confess
Today is a day to say, “Exterminate!” less.

It’s the season of hearts, big and deep as the Tardis,
To make room for any who, any how, regardless!

For faces and spaces may change with the season,
But peace on Earth is a wish for every dimension.

(Fashionably Geek)


Some video games are terrifying because they’re scary games. Others freak you the eff out because something terribly, terribly wrong has happened. Like dead soldiers talking back in Call of Duty. Check out Cracked‘s newest list, The 8 Creepiest Glitches Hidden in Popular Video Games, for more disturbing glitches.


Epic lamp or the most epic lamp? (Neatorama)


There are good mash-ups, and great mash-ups. Then there are un-freakin’-believably awesome mash-ups like this Scott Pilgrim vs Skrillex Rock ‘n’ Roll. Easily could be on of the best Scott Pilgrim mash-ups out there.


Halloween is right around the corner and it’s really important to be able to properly identify your vamps. You need to know which to avoid, like the Sparkly One or the Southern Gentlemen. Both tend to have unhealthy obsessions with humans. (Geeks of Doom)


First of all, would you honestly be stupid enough to accept a challenge from a ninja? You know they’re not honorable! (Laughing Squid)


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And, yes, that is Joss Whedon riding a Kevin Smith with bacon wings. Your welcome.

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