Over the next few years there is an amazingly high amount of comic book movies hitting the big screen, but other than The Avengers, the news front has been rather quite on most of the productions as of late. Well, until now.

Just a quick side note, most of the superhero movies we are going to see in 2012 and 2013 actually look pretty good? Really? Where are our Dolph Lundgren as the Punisher adaptions, where is the next Fantastic Four mockery? Hell, even Nicholas Cage’s new Ghost Rider movie doesn’t look half bad. What gives?

For today on the Superhero round-up, we’ve got a pile of Batman to get though: Another slice of news from the set, some great news about someone possibly returning to the role as the Joker (spoiler alert, it’s not Heath Ledger) and what is quite possibly the most awe inspiring Bat costume you have ever seen. For the Superman fans out there, yes more leaked set photos to confuse you (seriously, what the hell is the movie about?) Lastly, the Amazing Spider-man, you know for a movie that comes out in less than a year, it’s awfully quiet.

The round-up begins after the jump.

Let’s start off with the Spider-man reboot. Amazing Spider-man is set to be one of next summers major blockbusters. Personally, I say the jury is still out on it being successful, the following doesn’t do anything to change that. While promoting his up coming movie, Anonymous, Rhys Ifans briefly talked to Movieline about the movie. If you don’t know, the Welsh actor is set to play the movies main villain Dr. Curt Connors, AKA The Lizard. Really? That’s the villain this time around? Couldn’t use Mysterio or that one Marvel villain with the giant 8-ball for a head? Anyway, he touches on the father-son dynamic of the story and a about working with director Marc Webb:

We’ve seen the fervor growing around the Spider-Man reboot. Are you bracing yourself for the next six to eight months of having that in your life?

No, I just did the gig. If you think about it too much, it just… But of course I’m really proud of it. I haven’t seen it yet, obviously. But again, that was working with Marc Webb. Of course it’s a huge franchise with a massive budget, but essentially for me it was a kind of father-son story and emotionally very domestic. But in terms of the whole publicity machine and all that, I’m kind of excited.

So Marc bring some intimacy to it? Was that the sense you got?

Absolutely. On paper, you’d think, “Oh, what a strange choice.” But it actually makes total sense. He works very quietly with actors, with loving attention to emotional detail. And for a film painted on such a wide canvas, you have to have that forensic-ness to counter the size — to keep kind of an emotional balance in the piece. Hopefully, I think that’s what we’ve achieved. We’ll see.

Speaking of which, want to hear how the Lizard sounds? He sat down with MTV and unfortunately gave us a taste:

 “It’s totally my voice. I’m sure the voice will be toyed with in the eventual edits, but when I was shooting the CGI moments, when I wasn’t actually human, when I was Lizard, I looked like a crash-test dummy in a green leotard thing. There were many moments when I had to speak to Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone as the Lizard.”

Somewhere, a Christian Bale nods knowingly.

Now, on to the Bat!

Hey, remember when the LA Times was all “Batman is gonna occupy Wall Street“. Well, turns out it’s not true.

Via insidemovies.ew.com:

While Christopher Nolan will begin filming portions of The Dark Knight Rises in New York City over the span of the next two weeks, a Warner Bros., rep tells EW that there are no plans to shoot in Zuccotti Park, the home base for the OWS movement. After an open casting call for NYC extras for the project hit the web, rumors swirled that the project could be filming very close to, if not directly in, Zuccotti Park. Last week an anonymous source told the LA Times, “Cast members have been told the shoot could include scenes shot at the Occupy Wall Street protests” and that Nolan could be using “the protests as a backdrop or a stand-in for something that already exists in the film,” but that simply doesn’t seem to be the case.

Damn it, I was really hoping to see a Bane on Hippy beat down scene, oh well… there is always fanfic.

Speaking of DIY Batman. With the release of Arkham City, you’ve probably noticed some of the people you know have disappeared. Oh sure, you can assume they are locked away in a basement somewhere playing the game, but be warned, they might actually be making an incredibly awesome real life Batsuit.

Behold, this is the work art! It is the work of a collection of FX masters that deserve praise. A user that goes by the handle of batpirisss onthe FX Lab forums posted posted a bunch of pics and this:

“Wanted to show a project we completed recently. A group of us had been talking for years about what we always wanted to see done on screen for the Bat franchise. After the game design came out we decided to approach it with that end result in mind.

All of us agreed that this was the best movie suit never done as well as the entire game being the film we all wanted to see. And there were so many aspects to it, including the illusive blue and gray of the new city suit, that we wanted to tackle. Some of the goals on the suit were that we wanted the pieces to be accurate like they walked right off the screen. The whole suit would need to be proportioned to the point that all the pieces worked together to complete the image of the character design. This was tricky due to the fact that no human being in the world is the shape of that guy. Especially the cowl. Also the cross texture of the entire suit must be included and it has to run synced up on all panels as the game suit does, so that all lines intersect at an X throughout the entire suit.

We wanted to achieve the right colors and needed them to change dramatically from one light source to another, like the game suit does. Especially the new game where you see a brighter blue cowl in one light and then a seemingly black cowl in another. This went for the gray also as it needed to go dark and also reflect the greens that they used in the game. The whole suit is weathered to match the grittiness of the game suit and made to be worn. We wanted to follow the same basic design of the movie suits meaning separate sizeable torso, legs, etc… all mounted on an undersuit so that anyone could have it tailored to them the same way the movie pieces can be sized. The briefs were done separate so that the movement would be fluid and the entire muscle set-up should look one piece but move easily.

With the cowl being such a unique shape we didn’t want to sacrifice feel so we chose to do two sizes with the cowl. We mounted the City bat in the pics as we are almost done with the add-ons for the boots and gaunts as well as the new belt, and would be completing that suit. But also show how the Asylum bat looks and with a switch of some gear you can go either way. Let me know what you guys think and I’ll shoot some pics of individual pieces later if you like. 

I feel a small urge to stand up and slow clap (in a good way) the efforts of these FX maestros. The detail is amazing, it looks armored. It looks combat ready, it looks like you can turn your freakin head. It’s a hell of a lot better than most (if not all) the batsuits we’ve seen on the big screen.

Which takes us to the small screen.

Mark Hamill recently broke Bat-nerd hearts around the globe when he said good-bye to the Joker, a character he has long been the voice for across various media, via twitter. You might want to think about unbreaking them, cause he also recently tweeted this:

And then this:

If you don’t know what the Killing Joke, it is just possibly the greatest Batman story ever told. Penned by Alan Moore, it is gritty gruesome and violent. It puts the original Batgirl, Barbara Gordon in a wheelchair. Will it ever be adapted into a DC animated movie? Your guess is as good as mine, but damn it they should.

We wrap up this superhero round-up with a big ass release of leaked set photos from the Man of Steel.

With what we’ve seen so far, the upcoming Superman reboot looks… like something. Man, I still don’t get this movie or where it is going. Comic Book Movie has posted a shwack of photos from a recent filming in Vancouver, Canada that just seem to continue the confusion. I assume they were filming “homeless Superman screams at people and helicopter while giant green wall watches.” Damn you Zack Snyder, you better do this classic piece of the Superman tale right! Here is a seemingly endless stream of photos featuring a shirtless Henry Cavill for all the ladies, and some of the men.

is it just me, or does he look pissed that someone made him put a jacket on

Hey, if you scroll through them really fast, it’s like a flipbook!

Man Of Steel, starring Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, Michael Shannon, Antje Traue, Julia Ormond, Russell Crowe, Laurence Fishburne with Christopher Meloni and Harry Lennix, the reboot is slated for theaters June 14th, 2013!


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