NerdBastards everywhere are making the holidays their own by bringing that Nerd touch to the festivities. It might be the Star Trek ornament on the Christmas tree, the Thanksgiving Alien turkey with six legs, or Presidents day where we celebrate George Washington – Abraham Lincoln – and Lrrr the Ruler of Omicron Persei 8.

No holiday brings out the nerdiness better than Halloween. We get to dress up and decorate using all our wildest nerd fantasies. Nerds are a creative bunch and that creativity shines through in the pumpkins we carve. It’s not enough to carve the simple jack o lantern of the past. We have to:

Geek out our Gourds,

Pimp up our Pumpkins,

and Sci-fi up our Squashes.

So get your pumpkin carving tools, your favorite gourd, and your imagination ready to take a trek through NerdBastards neighborhood. Enjoy the fantastically carved creations of your fellow geeks and nerds and perhaps find inspiration to add to this years pumpkin. Let us know which are your favorites and send us pictures of your pumpkin carving creations this year.


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