It’s hilarious how there is a marked difference in the amount of on-screen chemistry there is between Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson now. I actually have not seen anything from the Twilight movies since New Moon, and even though I was smashed at the time, it was disgustingly clear that a cardboard box and a hobo have more chemistry. (We played this ridiculous drinking game where we took a shot each time Bella blinked. Yes, you can imagine how plastered we got after that.) But, now… Well, after Kristen Stewart publicly admitted that she’s fucking her costar… it all makes sense. It still isn’t mind blowing chemistry, but the change totally makes sense.

Anyway, we’ve got two new clips for y’all: the first one is pretty lovey dovey and the second one is super short and attempts to build up the action although I swear 50% of it includes preggo Bella.

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