An epic journey across the ocean, sets the premise for our next wonderful bit of nerdy news surrounding the most anticipated prequel to hit the big screen “The Hobbit”. This tidbit of news is part of  Ain’t it Cool News‘  weekly column on all things Tolkien, and on this week’s  adventures in New Zealand we get to see all the behind the scenes photos and some excerpted highlights of adventures on the set.

The first exciting siting  in the movie was none other than… Frodo Baggins!

“Ain’t it Cool News” reporter states:

“The crew was setting up a crane out on the narrow walkway in front of Bag End for their first shot actually in Hobbiton in over 10 years. Because of the narrow and steep path down, the crew had to bring crane parts down and assemble much of it there. It took a little while, but before too long the familiar circular green front door of Bag End cracked open and out stepped an even more familiar face.

Munching on jellied toast, Frodo Baggins sauntered out and hopped down the steps leading to the mailbox, grabbed some mail and headed back inside.What’s Frodo doing in The Hobbit? I don’t want to spoil too much, but I can say that Frodo is part of the connecting tissue between The Hobbit and Fellowship of the Ring.”


Now the transition for the film is said to take place 60 years prior to the events that occurred in “The Lord of the Rings“, and so by all means initial filming will take place in Hobitton for the next couple months or so. But of course filming such a large scale and popular franchise does not come without its downfalls.

“Ain’t it Cool News” reporter gives us a first hand account of some frustrating intrusions on set:

“Shortly after getting the shot on Frodo the unmistakable sound of chopper blades hit our ears. It was circling us. Obviously someone had hired it to fly above and take photos of the set.

An hour or two later a small, single-engine prop plane did the same thing, flying low and circling. Photos hit the net shortly after, I noticed. The crew was quite annoyed, not because Hobbiton was being exposed to the world, but because the choppers and planes were constantly getting in the shot and the sound of the engines was either ruining takes or making the production halt until they got out of earshot… which could be a long while if they are circling.

So, it was an unwanted intrusion, especially frustrating when you consider they were already waiting for the light to be right, to get behind a cloud or peak out from behind a cloud depending on the previous shot.

It got to the point that producer Zane Weiner asked me to take a photo of the plane so we can try to get its tail number. I had the 18mm-55mm lens on my camera (which means it’s a shorter lens and doesn’t zoom in too far), so I ran back to my bag, grabbed my 200mm lens and popped it on, but I was too late. The plane had already gone. Zane wanted me to let you guys know I failed at that particular task. And on my first day of location reporting, too.”

Here’s some close footage shots on the first day of filming, and while you are taking a gander at those make sure to head on over to check out the full article at the “Ain’t it Cool News” site where they will be featuring a weekly update on all things “The Hobbit”.


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