Attack Of The New Comics Wednesday: 11-02-2011

I realized something today. My Wednesday afternoons are officially written off. I’m spending far to much time down at my local comic book stores. Those little nexuses of nerdry can rope you into long winded debates with total strangers on just about anything.  Ain’t they great?

Well, I finally managed to wrestle myself away from a classic debate, ‘is it worse to be out at night in Gotham or Mos Esiley (Mos Esiley, btw… it doesn’t have the god damn Batman)’ and grab some books for this weeks ‘Attack of the New Comics Wednesday’.

DC’s New 52 is entering into its 3rd month and we’re still trying to figure out the continuity, so we’ll check out Action Comics #3. Have you been wondering how the west coast has been treating its mutant population? Oh, and if your really into boobs and zombies, I grabbed some of those too. (did I just say I grabbed boobs at the comic store? That would have been awesome)

Some fast and dirty reviews (with spoilers naturally) are up after the jump.

The Third issue of Morrison’s reinvention of the Superman. I have to say out of the whole of DC’s New 52 (when is that byline getting dropped? I am getting annoyed by it now), Action is probably one of the more controversial and expansive relaunches. We are definitely being treated to a whole new big blue boy scout. Of course by new, I mean cherry picking golden and silver age attributes of the last son of Krypton and mashing in the modern age.So, the young Kal-El is in hot water. Glen Glenmorgan, the CEO of Galaxy Communications and almost road pizza’d by Superman in the first issue, is mobilizing distrust among the citizens of Metropolis against Superman. Marking him as an alien and letting the xenophobia run wild. Obviously this doesn’t work well for the just starting out Man of Steel.

Initially, I was worried this book would be to much like TV’s Smallville, I was wrong… its starting to feel to much like Spider-man. A hero branded an outlaw by the media, redheaded best friend, he’s unsure of himself, he has a love-to-be story in the works. Hell, there is even a panel where he tosses his costume in a trash can ala “Spider-man No More”. Loved the first two books, but this 3rd issue is making me rethink this relaunch. If Morrison is just going to retread Supes with old Spidey themes… I don’t know. I found Rags Morales’ art frustrating here as well. It was great, don’t get me wrong, I just didn’t like the image of a young bumbling Clark Kent, he looked to young, to nerdy, to Peter Parker for crying out loud.

We also see the New 52 version of Krypton for the first time. It’s very heavy with the golden age flavours, few dashes of the silver age and modern with crystals and high technology. I liked it, but haven’t seen enough yet to pass full judgement.

I’d still say you should buy this, its a small slip I think. This book is far to important to DC to make mistakes on, and where the story is heading looks exciting. I won’t spoil it, but a major baddie is reintroduced, the panel below should tell you exactly who it might be.

Verdict: I’m guessing this issue was just a blip or a dip, I still say buy it!

UNCANNY X-MEN #1 MARVEL COMICS: Story by Kieron Gillen,
Art by Carlos Pacheco & Cam Smith,Cover by Carlos Pacheco
Last week, we were in Westchester with Wolverine and his new school for mutants, figured it was only fitting to hit the west-coast and see what Scott Summers is up to with the rest of the X-men. Wow, ok so he’s just intent on kick as much ass till people accept mutants? That’s cool.Uncanny X-men is a no holds barred down to business book. Mutants are back to being a rarity in the world and this team based in San Francisco. Cyclops rejected Professor X and accepted Magneto and Namor as team mates. The mission statement is to make the world fear them so they respect them. Ok… I have been out of the X-Men world for a few years, when did Summers become such a bad-ass?

For a relaunch issue to one of the last long running titles, Marvel pumped out a very confusing book. 50 some characters, pages packed with plot lines, giant golden Kirby space god in Golden Gate Park. Sure the X-Men franchise has a history of being ridiculously complicated (Jean Grey anyone?) but give a returning fan a chance here, will you guys? I went cross-eyed a couple of times trying to soak the book in. To quickly compare it to it’s sister book Wolverine and the X-Men, which I found easy to slip into and oddly familiar even though it was completely new, Uncanny was almost to much. Notice, I said almost.

What was clear the whole way through was what Cyclops plans to use this team for, and that my friends was a wonderful hook. The whole plot of Mr. Sinister returning and the team having to fight his big glowing golden head came off as secondary to the set up to Scott’s master plan. The X-Men will protect a world that hates them, and that world will fear them for it. Ooooh, Mr. Summers, you out Melodrama’s Magneto with that one.

Verdict: If you are an X-fan, your already buying it. If you are an ex-fan like me, you should pick it up. If you don’t Cyclops will probably do something mean and nasty to your cat.

You had me at ‘INTERDIMENSIONAL WOMEN’S PRISON BREAKOUT.’ Normally this is the kind of book I pass over in the racks. Cover looks like cheesecake, its just another boob book like those old Lady Death pin-ups from the 90’s (did anyoneever actually read Lady Death?). I grabbed it because while I was standing there, a 20-ish girl picked it up and read the stories title aloud for some reason. Interdimensional Women’s Prison Breakout? I had to check this crazy ride out.It was crazy, btw. So a giant portal opens up in New York City, dumping the worst womanhood has to offer, Dr. Weir, April Fool and the Bomb Queen out of their prison in Purgatory and it’s up to to other ladies in tight shirts Hack/Slash Inc to take them down. Now, this is a boob book. So the heart is monkey spankingly good. What surprised me is the writing, Tim Seeley has a weird wit about him and I found this a fun ass read. The characters are great. A naked shape shifting German. A semi-reformed slasher named Samhain. Some sort of demon dog that watches far to much TV, shows about telekinetic dinosaurs and even Pokemon. I actually a laughed out loud when this hairless chihuahua from hell exclaimed “Yes! Catch them all!” Seeley weaves through some dark horror territory with a great sense of humor. Discomforting self mutilation and witty banter seem to go hand in hand with this one. Plus, there was a lot of skimpy clothing.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say I will continue with this book, but I did enjoy what I got out of it.

Verdict: Do you like boobs? How about Humor and Horror? This might be for you.

I voraciously devoured the first 60 or so issues of this comic. It was deservedly praised. It was adapted into a massive hit on AMC. It’s dragging its ass like a legless zombie going after a puppy.Last month ended with a Mexican stand off style cliffhanger, this month we get an anticlimactic resolution. Rick Grimes has to find away to settle the divide in this last little out post of humanity. About half of the survivors are losing the will to go on. I think Kirkman is too.

The past handful of issues on the Walking Dead have been bland at best. We keep getting promised a civil war between Rick’s group and the original residents of this small haven in a sea of flesh eaters. Can we have that now please? Something? Anything? There wasn’t even one damn zombie this issue.

For a book that delivered tension, drama and action issue to issue and often page to page, The Walking Dead is just dragging now. The plot line meanders and seems unfocused. It just seems to continue for the sake of continuing. For crying out loud, the book is a damn mindless zombie now. Even Adlards art this time feels a little lazy. The sea of greys and heavy black and white contrasts have fade into what feels like half finished work.

This book is starting to frustrate me with its lack of direction or action. Yes I still (vaguely) care about some of the characters and if this conflict ever really heats up and something happens? Maybe the book will return to greatness. It hasn’t yet.

Verdict: If you’ve never read the Walking Dead, go out, buy the first few trades, it’s great. As for the current run? I give it two more issues, if it doesn’t change I’m putting a bullet in its skull.



That’s a wrap for this weeks AotNCW. As always if you have a title you’d like to suggest for these weekly random reads, let me know in the comments below.


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