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This short film entitled, ‘Death of a Ghostbuster’ raises some really important questions. Like, when they capture ghosts that aren’t harming anyone are they just condemning them to some kind of horrible purgatory like existence? That’s harsh, man. (You Bent My Wookie)


Oh please, oh please can we have an episode where the Doctor is transformed into a dog! I realize that will most likely cause the series to completely jump the shark, but I don’t care. (Fashionably Geek)


What happens when we take advantage of Superman and his in the nick of time rescues? Well, he acts like a giant dick and we all die, that’s what. Lesson, don’t cry wolf around Supes. ([adult swim])


Because there can never be too many pictures of Corgi’s in costume for our amusement. Never. This pup is a Firefly class starship, known to many as, Serenity. (TDW: Geek)


Nick Douglas of Slacktory decides to talk about heavy stuff with Siri, just to get her thoughts on some philosophical quandaries. It goes amazingly well, as you can expect. (Laughing Squid)


Never attempt anything with out at least eleven Doctors’ recommendations. (Fashionably Geek)


Michael Bay is an expensive movie maker. Does he ever see a profit from the thousands upon thousands of dollars he throws into explosions. This infographic, The Formula for Complete and Utter Bayhem, attempts to find an answer. (/Film)


Run For Your Lives: Maryland from BuzzFeed on Vimeo.

The first 5K race littered with zombie obstacles happened back in August and we have our first video right here. If you’re looking for some training for the eventual zombie uprising this is a good start. (Nerd Approved)


You can also attend classes at Zombie University to brush up on those survival skills. Big kudos for the Shaun of the Dead and Evil Dead references. (Laughing Squid)


Also, and this should come as absolutely no surprise, but our “zombie economy” is booming! What’s the “zombie economy” or rather zombconomy? It’s, “the total money we spend on zombie-genre products and entertainment,” and MSNBC has come to the conclusion it’s worth nearly $6 billion! So, keep spending money on zombies and we’ll save the economy!


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