Now YOU Can Be In Joss Whedon’s Next Movie!

Ok, it’s not The Avengers, oh and it’s a walk on role, and you have to win an auction on eBay, oh yea and you have to take care of your own travel and lodging, but still!

The production company Joss Whedon created to make his secret Shakespeare movie, Bellwether Productions, is making its 2nd feature, In Your Eyes,  “a metaphysical love story about two seemingly polar opposites who are deeply connected in ways neither could have ever imagined.”  Whedon wrote the script, but the directing duties this time will be handled by Brin Hill.

At the time of this writing, bidding had just topped out at $1100.00, granted there is still just under 9 days to go in the auction. 100% of the winning bid goes straight to The Adrienne Shelly Foundation to promote female filmmakers of all kinds through scholarships, production grants, finishing funds and living stipends in partnership with academic and non-academic film institutions. Posthumously named for an actress who was working with Nathan Fillion on the movie the Waitress at the time if her tragic death.

If you’re not sold yet, did I mention the set will be catered, that means free watery coffee and all the warm egg salad sandwiches you can eat, provided you get there before the Keygrip does. I don’t know what their job in the movie industry is, but I do know they love egg salad sandwiches.

It is for a great cause and hey, it is Josh Whedon. You can check the auction out here.

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