So, Who Is This For? The Muppets Appear On WWE Raw

We all know that a large part of Hollywood is marketing, and a large part of marketing is the cross promotion. Somehow professional wrestling fits in here because it is all about the marketing and promotion. Hugh Jackman used it to shill his Rock’em Sock’em Robots movie, Real Steel, makes sense really. If you are the type of person that enjoys mindless hulking kill machines smacking each other around… I forgot if that was suppose to be the robots or the wrestlers.

Anyway, I don’t get this. The Muppets showed up on WWE Raw this week to promote the upcoming November 23rd release of The Muppets. Is there a lot of cross-over between wrestling fans and people that love the Muppets? That’s an honest question by the way.

Wanna see it for yourself? Clips after the jump.

Oh, and yes, I know that is Triple H in the picture and no, I don’t know if he is still relevant in wrestling. I don’t watch it. Haven’t since I was a kid, and I am an adult now. So if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to watch cartoons and eat cereal. Like an adult.



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