Night of the Little Dead – Well Ok Then, Come Get Some!

Night of the Little Dead, the latest horror short from the creative team of Ghost Works LLC, is now available for your viewing pleasure. This highly-anticipated short film stars famed horror actor Bill Moseley, myth busting geek guru Adam Savage and the speaking half of Penn and Teller Penn Jillette, throw in the hotness that is Erica Taylor, and James Hurley, Gary Morgan, all fighting or running in fear of a little zombie lake creature played by Martin Klebba.

This is what makes me wake up each morning and search the Internet. Every now and then you find some gems amidst all the other Kardashian Sex Tapes, Justin Beber hit in the head with a water bottle, and some cat covered in bacon. For those of you wondering . . . yes there are people that talk like that, and they are a hoot.



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