A majority of Trekkies (and Trekkers) agree the most memorable villain of Star Trek if Khan Noonien Singh, played by Ricardo Montalban. In fact, much of the success of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, widely considered to the best of the Trek film, is owed to Montalban’s iconic performance. Soo…not to put too much pressure on you, J.J. Abrams, but your next Star Trek film better have one freakin’ fantastic villain.

The word in Variety is Abrams is seeking Benicio Del Toro for Star Trek 2‘s villain. As of now we still don’t know who this villain would be, or even what the premise of the sequel is, but a strong, imposing villain is a must if they want the series to flourish. Abram’s first Star Trek scored a big win with Eric Bana as the revenge-fueled Romulan. He was menacing yet relatable as the grief of losing his entire planet ate away at him. Hmm, not really all that different from Khan, who was consumed by the grief over his wife’s death and new home planet becoming an inhabitable wasteland. Will Del Toro be a good choice for the villain of Star Trek 2?

I think it’s a no brainer he’d be phenomenal. The question really lies in who he’ll play, exactly. Will Del Toro be the first Klingon villain of the new series? Could he be a who new character, maybe not even an alien? Or, could they be considering Del Toro for this new universe’s Khan? Montalban was Mexican-born, Del Toro is from Puerto Rico, that’s cultural similar enough for most audiences. It only makes sense Khan would be out there somewhere, floating around in the Botany Bay, just waiting for Chris Pine to wake him. But I’m not sure bringing Khan back, again, would be the smartest move.

What kind of villain for think Del Toro would be best suited for?

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