Bradley Cooper Will Not Be The Man From UNCLE

Steven Soderbergh‘s plan to bring 60’s classic TV Spy show The Man From U.N.C.L.E. just hit another snag. As we had previously reported, Bradley Cooper was being wooed to play the role of Napoleon Solo, Robert Vaughn‘s character in the original. Well, The Wrap is now reporting that said wooing didn’t work, the Hangover and A-Team start will not be taking the role as the suave international man of mystery.

So, that puts Cooper in line with George ClooneyJohnny Depp, and Matt Damon who have all already passed on the part. While they each had their own reasons or scheduling conflicts that lead to declining the role, things are starting to look a little sour for a star to take the lead. Could this remake be doomed? If it is, is that really a bad thing?

Source: Cinema Blend


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