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This short, XXIT from Stargate Studios, is more than a Blade Runner fan film, it’s more than a parody, it’s a work of art. All filmed on Canon EOS C300 this short is awesome, and the effects incredible. Not too surprising since Stargate Studios is also responsible for effects on shows like Heroes, The Walking Dead and 24. (Geek are Sexy)


All right, one, this might the single coolest inflatable invention ever. It’s a Dalek you can drive. And two, kid, why are looking at me so creepily? You’re freakin’ me out. The Doctor Who Ride-In Dalek is available over at Think Geek, but, here’s the sad news, it’s for riders 65 lbs and under. But come on, who out there is going to cram their fat ass into this Dalek? ::raises hand:: (Laughing Squid)


Well, here we go, another awesome thing only a available for kids. Why must they torment us so. Screw them and their manufactured R2 D2 helmet, we’ll just make our own. (Fashionably Geek)


Have you been wondering what Freddie Wong has been up to? Not working on this awesome Minecraft video that’s what. This comes from regular, FreddieW collaborator, Brandon Laatsch and brilliantly explores, “The millisecond between when a creeper kills you and when you feel the rage of losing all your rad diamond gear!” (TDW: Geek)


Things are in real bad shape when eve LEGO people are protesting. Here are a few more snapshots from Occupy LEGO Land, an installation currently at Occupy Wall Street. (Laughing Squid)


Robocop, as it was intended to be experienced, live on stage! The Old Murder House Theatre is group in Austin, TX who bring your favorite 80s and 90s films to life. They’ve already presented Back to the Future and Independence Day and they’re next production will be the ambitious, Aliens…on Ice! (TDW: Geek)


Did you know you could create your own lightsaber from supplies at your local hardware store? No? Well then it’s imperative you watch this video, young padawan. (Nerd Approved)


Just in case you ever wanted to see the crew of A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas lipdub the song ‘Party in the USA,’ well, you’re wish has been granted. (/Film)


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