Fans of the Games of Thrones television series, and slightly even more so the fans of A Song of Ice and Fire book series have so much awesome on the horizon. HBO’s smash hit adaption of George R.R. Martin‘s series comes back with season two in April of 2012 and someday Martin will finish his epic novels, I’m just sure of it. And now, there are not one, not two but three video games based on Game of Thrones on their way! I know, I know, three? How could they possibly make three Game of Thrones‘ games and expect them all to succeed?

It looks like they’re hoping to bring Game of Thrones into every corner of the gaming market with these three games, each targeting a different kind of gamer. First, there will be an RPG available for the PS3, Xbox and PC. I’m hoping for something similar to the Dragon Age series, which I already find to the be a perfect video game counterpart to Martin’s complicated world. There will also be a social networking game, kind of like Farmville, which is obviously for the casual gamer. I don’t care if I can pillage another’s farm a la The Mountain in this game, I will not sink to the level of game even somewhat similar to Farmville. Ew. And finally, the third game will be a browser based, free-to-play MMO developed by Bigpoint. These are the same folks who made the Battlestar Galatica MMO which I’ve only heard good about.

The best part about the RPG? Martin is involved in its development! Here’s what was reported in USA Today,

is based on an original story by Martin. HBO plans to share video with the developers so that the game parallels the series. …

Even though Martin is involved in all the games, the author says, “I am not an expert in this field. … I trust in (the developers’) expertise.”

Among the characters Martin created for the in-development and as-yet-untitled role-playing games are a member of the Night’s Watch on the frozen Wall and a Red priest. The game “has some interesting stuff and looks gorgeous,” he says.

So let’s recap, Game of Thrones returns to HBO in April, three video games are being developed, one with Martin’s insight and someday he may even finish those books! Are you guys excited?

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