A few weeks ago we learned that tacked on the front of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, excuse me, tacked only on the IMAX copies of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, would be a six to eight minute preview of Christopher Nolan‘s The Dark Knight Rises. I think it’s obvious Ghost Protocol is going to benefit greatly from this little addition because I know many die hard, bat-shit crazy Batman fans will shell out the money to see Ghost Protocol in IMAX only for this Dark Knight Rises’ prologue. Yes, I am most defnitely including myself in that bunch of die hard, bat-shit crazy Batman fans.

Turns out the prologue has a PG-13 rating which has given me and my die-hard, bat-shit crazy companions hope this prologue may actually be worth our time and money. But, that rating is sadly all we know about the short prologue. A PG-13 rating should imply some graphic content, right? Batman enacting some major brutality on unknowing thugs, oh please, pretty please! Something for me to feel justified in spending almost $15 on a movie ticket (Sorry, Ghost Protocol, you just don’t cut it.).If there’s enough going on in the prologue to warrant a PG-13 rating, I’ve got high hopes.

In other Dark Knight Rises news, the Batwing, we know it’s in the movie, we’ve seen plenty of leaked footage of the thing in action but now we get a beautiful ariel shot as it’s parked atop a New York skyscraper. Check it out below, and definetely do yourself a favor and click it to embiggen.

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