Man of Steel Is Very New 52, Says Cavill

And it’s not just the lack of underwear on the outside.

The rumor mill about Zack Snyder‘s upcoming Superman reboot The Man of Steel churns. Star Henry Cavill sat down with the The Washington Examiner and leaked out a little info recently. So how similar is the movie reboot to the comic relaunch?

“When that came out, everyone went, ‘Arrhhh! Everything’s changed.’ It’s part of the evolution of the character. There is a modernization to it, and certainly our style is making him easier to associate with because it’s pretty tough to associate with an invulnerable alien.”

Well, we know that in both the red trunks are gone and the suit is ‘Kryptonian Armor’ and not something Ma Kent sewed together, however I am uncertain how similar the new movie and, say Grant Morrison‘s current run on Action Comics, can be beyond the lack of red manties on the man of steel. The movie has been in development for a couple of years so how much of the new comic continuity could be included? Granted, with the critical and sales success of the new comic version of the big blue boy scout, a little overlap might be a good idea.

Apparently, Man of Steel isn’t the first time Cavill has been up for the role either. He was short listed when McG was still in charge of Superman Returns, only to be ousted for Brandon Routh when Bryan Singer came onboard.

“It’s actually been proven that just because I didn’t get Superman then doesn’t mean that I can’t get Superman now. You can’t let [losing a part] get you down. You’ve got to look at the positives. I got to meet with Warner Bros. and everyone there. It’s beneficial, really.”

Lastly, and most importantly, how fan reaction matters to him personally on this version of the first real superhero.

“There are a lot of people who have dedicated their life to loving this character. … Their opinion does matter. I’ve done my research on the source material. I have my opinions on the various bits and bobs, but sometimes there will be a little gem out there about one of the books, and I’ll say to myself, ‘Yeah. That’s a good point.’”

Not to put a fine point on it, but that last little bit there sets my comic fan side at ease. Are we set up for something new with The Man of Steel? Defiantly, but as I was with the ‘New 52’ I am cautiously optimistic. Do I miss the red underpants? Yes, I think we all do.

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