Andrew Garfield Makes A Surprise Appearance On SNL With Emma Stone

Last night’s Saturday Night Live was hosted by Emma Stone, who will be our new Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider-Man.

The bit starts off with Andy Samberg dropping in and going on like he has any chance of playing Spider-Man in the movie… never mind the fact that it’s already underway. And he doesn’t seem to have thought of getting a mask to, y’know, conceal his identity.

Stone responds by calling Andrew Garfield, our new Peter Parker, up to the stage. Apparently this was quite a surprise to the audience.

Check out the video below! There are some really funny parts to it, which I mention after the jump.

The best quotes of the bit:

“Yeah, well, aren’t you just redoing the exact same Spider-Man movie from 10 years ago?”


“America is experiencing record unemployment and we outsource Spider-Man to England!?”

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