Who Gives A Shat?

It’s an Old – Fashioned – Old – Actors Fight Club!

What are the rules?


Rule Two – There is no Rule Two.

Shatner, always in the mood to pick a fight threw out some choice words to Star Wars Fandom a couple of weeks ago. I’m not gonna rehash them, click the link above if you haven’t heard what Shatner had to say yet. Shatner being an ass to people is nothing new, just ask another Whiny-Shanter-Pissed-In-My-Cornflakes actor like Garret Wang.

Oh look at me, everyone loves a convention sob story about Shatner.

Once the hat was tossed into the ring though Carrie Fisher must have thought it was a doughnut and jumped after it with her own thoughts on Shatner and the Star Trek versus Star Wars subject.

This can only lead to a Shatner – Fisher Thunderdome event. Put this on pay per view and this NerdBastard and thousands of others would tune in.

Da da da da da da…duuuuuuuweeeeee…duuuuuweeeeeee!

Locked in mortal combat.

Dressed in Slave Leia metal bikinis.

Slowly circling each other.

Vulcan Lirpas held ready.

Who wouldn’t pay to see that. Both Shatner and Fisher love tweaking their fans and apparently each other. This NerBastard is hoping that Shatner picks up the ball and runs with it, escalating the whole thing way out of it’s already mammoth proportion. If this battle wasn’t enough let’s throw Daniel Radcliffe into the mix.


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