In the ‘Game of Thrones’ You Die, Die, Die.


The powers that be over at Warming Glow commissioned a look at all the deaths in the first season of HBO’s Game of Thrones set to Guns and Roses “Knockin’ of Heaven’s Door.” 

Every game has it’s winners and it’s losers. So here’s to the losers; those hacked up, slashed open, crushed down, choked out, ripped apart, brutally beheaded, undeaded fools that threw their hat into the ring of thrones, because as is often said by many a player involved in the Game of Thrones, “In the game of Thrones, You win or you die.” This NerdBastard has often thought that, “Horribly” should be added to that phrase.

Which death did you like best? Which sword stroke made you cringe? Whose head rolling made you tear up? 

Game of Thrones Death Montage from Doctor Roboto on Vimeo.


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