Slowly but surely, season 2 of AMC’s ratings monster The Walking Dead nears the dreaded mid-season hiatus. Creator and bearded chubby man Robert Kirkman sat down with Zap2it to talk about what to expect with the second half of season 2 and what is in store for season 3.

If there was one plot thread that we viewers want resolved soon in season two, it is poor little missing Sophia (seriously, does anyone ever remember what the kid looked like?), luckily, Kirkman hints we might see a little bit of resolution before the 7th and last episode before the mid-season break on November 27th.

“[I]t is a bigger episode and there are some loose ends tied up, but I wouldn’t want to say what just yet. But I will say to keep an eye out for that episode, it’s gonna be huge!”

Now, when the show comes back from hiatus on the 12th of February what will we see? New characters? Maybe.

“There’s definitely a slew of new characters that are going to be introduced after the hiatus. I wouldn’t want to say who they are. They may be original to the show. They may be from the comic. I can’t really say, but there are going to be some new faces coming up.”

So, these new characters, any chance one of them has a katana and heavy emotional issues? Damn it Kirkman, when will we see Michonne?

“She was introduced pretty early on in Vol. 4 of the comic books, whether we’ll move that up or have it happen at a later date, we haven’t figured out. But I will say that she’s definitely going to be in the show eventually.”

As for the recently announced third season, while he doesn’t elaborate much, it does sound vaguely promising.

“We’re very excited for the third season because there’s a lot of really cool stuff coming up in the story line that is going to be a lot of fun to adapt.”

Here’s hoping the current ‘missing girl/Dr. Green’s farm’ story arch wraps up soon and we get a great episode or two soon about the crossbow death machine Daryl and the samurai sword wielding Michonne teaming up for a zombie blood bath.

The Walking Dead airs Sunday’s at 9 P.M. Est on AMC and don’t forget to check our weekly recap/review.

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