Stephen Colbert and Frodo Baggins Geek Out

Last night’s guest on The Colbert Report was Elijah Wood and he was there promoting his latest film Happy Feet 2. And that was all he and Stephen Colbert discussed. The end.
Ha! Yeah right. As you should know, Stephen Colbert (The real one, and I guess his pundit persona as well.) is a HUGE J.R.R. Tolkien nerd. Usually he works this into his act in an expected arrogant manner as he believes himself to be the ultimate Tolkien fan. In the video below he and Elijah Wood geek out hardcore about the secrets they know and can’t share concerning The Hobbit films and whose got the better Sting. Mini sword fight ensues.
Oh, and I’m apologize for that tiny bit of Happy Feet 2 you were forced to sit through.

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