Known for his massive and awesome paintings of 80’s era action figures and the time lapse videos of him painting them, Robert Burden has created something wonderful again. The subject matter, the ThunderCats. The result? A massive 6 ft x 11 ft (unframed) painting titled “Soldiers of Thundera”. Burden says it took him about 1000 hours, spread out over seven months.

One day, I want to buy a van. Not some soccer mom deal, I am talking a real van, something from the 70’s. I will let Burden spill his nerdy creative glory over the sides of it, for I know it will be a work of art. I will then have myself buried alive in it, for I know I will never see something so wondrous again. I just wanted to share that, oh and the video.

It is after the jump.

Source: Topless Robot

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