NBC must be impressed by the script that Brian Fuller turned in two weeks ago for the reboot of the 1960’s comedy, The Munsters, because they’ve ordered a pilot.

According to Deadline:

Fuller originally developed The Munsters last season and his was one of very few scripts new NBC chief Bob Greenblatt kept in play when he took over the network in January. Greenblatt rolled the project to get it redeveloped by his team. Fuller’s new outline submitted in September was received well, and his new script was delivered to NBC early this month.

Clearly, they liked what he had to offer because they jumped on his new script in less than two weeks.

Grandpa Sam Dracula is essentially Dracula who assembled Herman because no man was good enough for his daughter Lily, a sexy vamp. Lily’s niece Marilyn the freak is actually normal and  Lily and Herman’s only child, Eddie, has his werewolf tendencies surface in puberty, forcing the family to relocate to their famous 1313 Mockingbird Lane address.

Fuller is known for his work on Pushing Daisies, which makes use of very striking visuals that we can expect to see in this Munsters reboot.

Are you guys looking forward to this?  NBC is getting a lot of flak at the moment for its decision to put Community on hiatus, but it continues to remain forward-thinking in its exploration of future material.

Source: Deadline

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