The Muppets To Return To TV, Sorta.

Just in time to ride the wave and hype surrounding the release of the new muppets movie (ingeniously called The Muppets) comes news that NBC has inked a deal with The Jim Henson Company to develop The New Nabors, “a comedy about a human family and the repercussions they encounter living next door to a family of puppets.”

Deadline reports:

“Feature writer John Hoffman (Fox 2000′s Afterlife) and 30 Rock executive producer John Riggi will write the script for The New Nabors, which they developed with Lisa Henson and The Jim Henson Co.”

Yes, the spelling of the show’s title is an homage to actor-singer Jim Nabors and no, we don’t have much more for news at this point on the project.

This will be NBC’s first puppet based sitcom since 1980’s pog sensation Alf, well first official puppet driven sitcom since they still claim Whitney Cummings is actually a real person. Then explain why her head is just filled with cotton stuffing NBC! We are on to your lies!

source: The Mary Sue



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