Another Delay for ‘The Wolverine’?

If anyone out there that reads these words has the means to contact Hugh Jackman, please check on him. I’m a little worried. His all but doomed Wolverine project (creatively titled The Wolverine) appears to have hit yet another bump on its long ass road to actually getting made.

According to Movie Hole‘s Clint (via Comic Book Movie)

I spoke to someone who had recently met with director James Mangold about mixing it up with that particular hairball on the big screen, and he/she has been told that due to some problems on the Japan side (not quite sure what; politics, red-tape and ill-fated “Grudge” remakes may have something to do with the dent in the relations there) the film has been delayed. Again. They’ll resume talks again next year. I don’t know when the film will happen, but I believe it will – the script is said to be stellar (as opposed to the first “Wolverine”, whose script I’d also use an ‘S’ word to describe).

Last we heard, the movie was pushed back to an ‘early 2012’ start date, but that looks less likely now. Think this movie will ever get made? Is this some sort of divine intervention to protect us from something far worse that X-Men Origins: Wolverine? Does Hugh even know how utensils work?

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