The Walking Dead – The Search for Sophia



The second season of The Walking Dead could be rightfully called the “Season of searching for Sophia.” There have been rumblings from some fans of the show that too much time was spent focused on this search. That kind of thinking puts them in Shane’s “I’ll do anything – screw anyone over – survival first” camp of thinking as far as this NerdBastard is concerned.

Think about it, could you walk away from this missing girl? The turmoil this caused in the group is what made the dialogue interesting, brought out many new issues and insights into the characters and the world they live in. Darryl reaching for something he doesn’t even know he is missing, Shane sliding further and further down that hill to personal damnation. (How do you think Shane will take it when Carl realizes the type of man Shane has become when compared to his father Rick?) That would break Shane into way to many pieces to ever put back together again.

The final barn scene was well worth all the searching and dialogue. How many of you had tears in your eyes when the focus went back to the barn door after all the zombies had been killed?

Other fans have been nitpicking that someone of Herscel’s farm group had to know that there was a little girl zombie in the barn. Creator Robert Kirkman explained on Talking Dead that Otis was the one who did all the zombie wrangling. Otis was never told of the missing girl before Shane decided to use Otis for zombie bait.

To those that say the zombie feeders should have known that there was a little girl in the barn,  I doubt any of them enjoyed the job of throwing chickens into the crowd of “infected people” in that DARK barn that they cared about. Most anyone would just do it and get out.

If you have not picked up the comic book that spawned the television show you might not know that Kirkman has a habit of having the shit hit the fan just as everyone is starting to feel safe or happy. In the comics, no one is safe. Hugely popular central characters have gone down. “No one is safe,” is a common saying when talking about The Walking Dead.

Below is the two minute search for Sophia and the the big reveal edited to some pretty moving music. I dare you to watch it and not get verklempt. 




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