Much Ado About Watchmen Two

If you have twitter, you might have noticed that Watchmen 2 was trending globally today. Yes, they are talking about it again. No matter how hard I wish they weren’t, they are. The ‘they’ here is Rich Johnston over at Bleeding Cool and the spark that started this blaze is his unconfirmed unofficial, unsubstantiated, and, unwanted information that Andy Kubert is drawing one of four Watchmen prequel miniseries. He calls his source reliable and to be honest when you read something on Bleeding Cool, it’s usually bang on. This adds to the list of other alleged people involved, including Darwyn CookeJ. Michael Straczynski,  John Higgins, JG Jones and yes, even Dave Gibbons.

Ok, get out the giant ass grain of salt for a second, since Johnston had reported Watchmen news before and as far as I can tell, he is still the only one with this inside line. DC has made no comments on this, and really, would you? The nerd rage this causes is mountainous and dangerous.

That being said, with DC’s reinventing itself and doing anything and everything to bring in new readers, I will not be surprised if they are planning this. Maybe it becoming a trending topic will force their hand on saying if there is any truth to this?

Oh, and about the twitter deal. Comic Alliance’s “totally true Watchmen 2 facts” is a great crash course some of the funnier ones (heh. Rorschach 2) and one chilling discovery. Rob Liefeld almost makes sense.

Could Watchmen 2 maybe work? If it’s done well with high caliber talent and respect for the original? Have I just incited more nerd rage and fueled the geek fires of anger?



Before you run me out of town with pitchforks and torches, I still think a prequel/sequel to the Watchmen is a bad idea.

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