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This is simply kick-ass. It’s a live action stunt recreation of one of  Catwoman’s fight scenes from Batman: Arkham City by Thousand Pounds Action Company. They’ve also recreated Street Fighter and Naruto fight scenes. Watch this stuntwoman takedown street thugs with impressive combos, and yes, a whip. (Comics Alliance)


This cake is real. And you can learn how to make it, too! (TDW: Geek)


No contest, best tree house EVER! (TDW: Geek)


Kees van Dijkhuizen, the man behind [the films of] series is back again and this time he’s spotlighting Christopher Nolan. His his sum up of Nolan’s style,

Christopher Nolan’s films have kept anyone of us on the edge of their seat. Every film is filled with secrets, surprises, twists and turns, and only a true movie mastermind could keep even the biggest film nut fooled until the very last minute. They’re films that demand a second, third and fourth viewing. Christopher Nolan is a perfect example of traditional filmmaking with modern twists, and is a fine addition to a series already filled to the brink with inspiring artists.



How closely to you pay attention to movies? Cracked’s got a new list, 7 Movies That Put Insane Work Into Details You Didn’t Notice. Like did you notice all the numbers over Scott Pilgrim or how much paranormal research actually went in to  Ghostbusters?


For those of you yearning for a Bioshock movie this incredible fan trailer might be the best you’re getting. It’s fabulous thought, maybe you can push these fans for a film? (TDW: Geek)


Quite possibly the best design for a Barbie I’ve ever seen. Why couldn’t I get this doll when I was a kid!? (Laughing Squid)


Last night the documentary Trek Nation, all about the phenomena of Star Trek and Gene Roddenberry’s son, Rod and his journey to understand his father’s legacy, premiered on the Science Channel. Hopefully it’ll end up online for those of us without the channel. In the mean time here’s the trailer featuring clips of Stan Lee, J.J. Abrams and George Lucas. (TDW: Geek)


Totally awesome Tali’Zorah nar Rayya from Mass Effect cosplay. (Fashionably Geek)


Totally terrifying Flareon from Pokemon cosplay. (Fashionably Geek)




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