I recently re-watched Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and you know something, it wasn’t as bad as I remembered it in the theater. It’s worse! Shia Labeof, aliens, commies, refrigerators and CG monkeys. Argh!!! *Cries* Why did George Lucas and Steven Spielberg have to rape our swashbuckling adventurer? Actually, Spielberg isn’t to blame. It’s was all George Lucas’ idea. Spielberg just let it happen. Guilt by association.

It’s been known that Spielberg and Lucas had different ideas in mind when it came to Indy 4. Since Spielberg is just a lord in the George Lucas universe, his ideas were superseded. Lucas commanded and Spielberg obeyed. Here’s what Spielberg said to Empire a few months back.

I’m really proud of the movie. I loved bringing Marion back. I love the fact that Indy now has a son. It’s a family action film, and I love that whole conceit. It’s public that George and I and Harrison all had a clash about genre and concept. But I’ve always told George’s stories. My biggest contribution was adding the father to the third movie. That was my idea, to cast Sean Connery as Harrison’s father. I am best friends with George and I’m very obedient to the stories that he writes. I’ll fight things I don’t believe in but ultimately if George wants to bring interdimensional beings into Crystal Skull, I will do the best job I possible can to acquit George’s idea and make him proud.

EW recently asked about Shia LaBeouf’s public outlash at the film and Megan Fox Transformers rumors. He refused to comment on LaBeouf and denied Fox being fired over anti-Semite remarks. What is important though is what he said about Indy 5. Yes, Georgie Porgy is plotting in Indy 5. No secret there, but Spielberg has just revealed the next installment will be a different genre. He said the following:

It’s up to George. We have already agreed on the genre of the fifth movie, we already have a concept in mind. I don’t know where George is with the story. There is no Indy 5 until George says there is

Whoa! Crystal Skull is sci-fi, so will 5 be horror? Comedy? Bromance? Musical? This last decade, Spielberg and Lucas have really jumped the shark… I mean nuked the fridge. I can only imagine what travesty of a film is brewing in their minds.

Oh and to further perpetuate the delusions and lack of balls from Spielberg, he was asked if there would be another Michael Bay Transformers movie.

I hope so, because I think he made the best of the three with this last one. I certainly can’t imagine anybody other than Michael being equipped to make another Transformers. He’s invented a genre and he’s got the secret formula.

I’m not even gonna comment on that. I’m just gonna close my butt and stay far the fuck away from Spielberg, Lucas and Bay.

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