So late on Friday, I noticed another website that that caters to the nerd news on this world wide web of ours reporting a rumor mongering article about Benicio del Toro‘s role in the upcoming Star Trek movie. I am not linking them due to the fact that they post rumor mongering type articles meant to generate hits and I respect you, the reader, to much to spread that kind of pandering drek. I did comment in the blog, pointing out the obvious errors in their logic and left it at that. I didn’t think it needed much more.

Now I come back to the nerdblogosphereaverse and see the rumor is still out there? That its gaining support? My one comment on some random website didn’t shut all that down? Damn it.


Here’s the deal. While it would almost be great casting, other than taking a giant poop on some classic scenes near and dear to the nerd subconscious, Benicio del Toro is NOT playing Khan Noonien Singh in the next Star Trek movie. Ok?

The rumor seems to have its source at Latino Review (I want to stress that LR is not the nameless website I mentioned above, El Mayimbe is usually very reliable and not into sensationalism and rumor mongering). Now, sources remain anonymous and nothing for proof is really given. Do we believe this? No, we shouldn’t

Yes, J.J. Abrams can play coy at times, even say things misleading about movies in production. As Hitflix is reporting, Abrams has said that Mayimbe’s report is not true. End of story.

As we had reported earlier when talking about Alice Eve being added to the cast, Abrams is still looking to cast a role that is a villain, someone that acts as a mentor to del Toro’s character. Khan did not have a mentor, he was the top dog on the SS Botany Bay. If del Toro was being cast as Khan, who would his mentor be? In the original Star Trek episode Space Seed, there was no mentor. In the movie, Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan… there was no mentor. The closest thing there has been to a mentor to Khan would be Dr. Arik Soong, Brent Spiner‘s character from a handful of Star Trek: Enterprise episodes, but come on. That just does not work.

So, with the above information and Abrams flat out quote of “not true” – Benicio del Toro is not playing Khan. Ok? Can we move on now?

Hell, the closest argument that could be made is that del Toro is playing Joachim, Khan’s second in command (played by Judson Scott in Wrath of Khan) and this mentor role that is waiting to be cast is actually Khan, but that is just silly. Right?

Ah crap…

We might just have to wait for the official announcement, whenever that happens.


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